Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When Trolls Attack, Throw Bear

The game by Will Crowther's and Don Woods's called ADVENTURE was one of the first RPGs on computer written in Fortran. It was all the rage on college campuses in the 1970's. And thanks to

my Facebook buddy Phil, I've decided that this is indeed a good approach for online serial trolls – just Throw Bear.

throw bear:The bear lumbers toward the troll, who lets out a startled shriek and scurries away. The bear soon gives up the pursuit and wanders back.

Now of course, I don't have a pet bear that I'll literally throw at those who intend to harm or defame others in the name of personal gain. But I got to thinking of how funny that visual would be; here catch this bear. Suddenly, the whole thing seems dang funny and I'm laughing it off.

So the next time someone threatens or posts blatant lies about you, just think about throwing them that bear. Guaranteed to make you smile.

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