Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Perspectives Anthology launches August 22, 2010

Perspectives Anthology launches today - Long Island autism |

Marc Rosen
Long Island Autism Examiner

Over the past several months, two men gathered, selected, edited, and compiled poetry from over fifty poets, from three continents, to bring forth the first-ever anthology specifically dedicated to poetry about autism and other neurological, psychological, social, and communicative disabilities. Today, that effort has finally come to fruition, and Perspectives Anthology: Poetry Concerning Autism and Other Disabilities is now available for purchase online. The editors, when asked, expressed their excitement and exhaustion, but hope that people see the message they have attempted to put forth with this work, as they said in their mission statement, " matter what our differences, we are all human." The anthology will also have a book tour from September through to December, consisting of live readings from the anthology by the poets who wrote the works as well as book signing opportunities, with the first event being on September 16th at Dowling College. To purchase your own copy, you can attend one of the tour events, or see the link below:

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