Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Defending Yourself (How Not to Apologize)

Backpedaling would almost be acceptable. I wish I could say that the Autism Daily Newscast backpedaled when editor went on to [non]apologize for the pro-bullying article by Karen Kabaki Sisto last week. Instead, Ms. Hill issued a statement defending the article while only apologizing for the wording used. In other words, the Autism Daily Newscast apparently stands by the idea that bullying is good for autistic children because it is a great learning experience. Apparently autistic people and those of us who actual give a damn about them just need not be so sensitive about it all. You know, lighten up, people! How dare we suggest that our children and friends be treated like human beings - with dignity and respect? According to Ms. Hill,
"No matter how much energy and resources we put into making it a safe place for ourselves and our children, Shit Happens." ~Roberta Hill
So there you have it folks. Shit happens. And it seems then that there is no need to discuss that the "shit" must stop, or that the "shit" is unacceptable or that the "shit" causes irreparable psychological damage. In fact, no. We need to accept the "shit" and not only deal with it, but turn the "shit" into something good. At least Ms. Kabaki Sisto alluded to turning lemons into lemonade; Ms. Hill expects autistic people and their families to magically turn "shit" into a sweet smelling life experience.

[addenda @8:55 pm ET] This apparently is not the first time Ms. Hill has misrepresented or offended the autism community. In February, she ran an editorial misrepresenting the views of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. When called on her mistake, she denied any wrongdoing and refused to change the article. You can read the story here.

Ms. Hill needs to check her allistic privilege and the Autism Daily Newscast needs a new editor.

Hill, R. (2015). My Response to the Outrage from the Autistic Community Regarding a Published Article - Autism Daily Newscast.

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