Saturday, February 8, 2014

An Open Letter to a “Feminist” Blogger

Dear Feminist Blogger,

I couldn't help but notice you posted a very public Facebook status that sarcastically criticized a marginalized group of people. I couldn't quite look away when you said that people advocating for their own rights was called “jumping the advocacy shark.” And I certainly couldn't walk away when you continued to denounce a civil rights movement to which you do not belong.

No feminist ever said that men know better to determine what women need. That's outrageous to a feminist. But here's the thing...if you say that “you,” as a woman (mother, grandmother, etc), know what's best for a group to which you do not belong (even if your own flesh and blood belongs to that group), you have played the part of oppressor - like the sexist who knows what's “best” for you. You don't get to decide who is worthy of human rights. That's what sexists do.

As women, we belong to more than just ourselves. We intersect with LGBT, racial minorities, those with disabilities, and more. Women will never be treated equally as long as other groups are oppressed.

“Women will never be
treated equally as long as
other groups are oppressed.”

If you decide to join the oppressors by claiming to speak on behalf of a marginalized group, well, you're not really a feminist after all. Please take your toys of privilege elsewhere because we, in the feminist sandbox, have a lot of work to do.



  • is not about burning your bra.
  • is not about refusing to shave your legs or wear makeup
  • is not about encouraging women to be pro-abortion
  • is not about ruling over man


  • is about autonomy and equality
    is about leaving decisions about our own bodies up to the individual
  • is about equal rights for all people, not just women
    having the same rights as the most privileged group


Sloth Womyn said...

That. Was. Awesome.

Thank you, that "feminist" blogger does not understand nor represent feminism.

Sandy said...

So much this...Amy! Thank you
.b/c that was really an awful display of so called feminism. Saying disability isnt a part of the human condition and something we should seek to jaw doppingly ignorant and way privileged.

Amy Caraballo said...

Thanks for the support, ladies. I simply do not get that she is missing the irony of her words. I hope that at some point, she will come around.

Matt Helms said...

Thank you. I deal with feminists who think just like her all the time. Many don't think that these types of leftists exist...but they do.

And, sadly....she represents a large part of the left. You might not want to agree with me....but those who feel they must tell me how I should live ( i'm an aspie, and was posting in that thread --btw. ) whether rightie or leftie----can bite me.