Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Two of Voter ID Trial - Stats

Highlights from the ACLU Blog:
The full version of the study is available to the public here.
"Less than 86% of eligible voters in the state hold a form of ID that will qualify them to vote."  
"Roughly 379 thousand Pennsylvanians currently have no valid ID for voting, and no ability to obtain one. 174 thousand of those people voted in 2008."
  • 17.2% of women lack valid ID, compared with 11.5% of men
  • 18% of Latino voters, compared to roughly 14% of black or white voters
  • 18% of voters ages 18-34, or age 75+
  • 18.5% of voters with less than a high school education
  • 22% of voters earning less than $20 thousand per year
"42% of voters who said they had no access to regular transportation also had no ID that would permit them to vote. Remember, please, that polling places are frequently within walking distance of an individual's home - PennDOT licensing centers are generally not."
"Baretto remarked that any voter who has an ID with a name that is not an exact match with his or her name on the voting rolls is "at risk" come election day."

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