Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas! If Jesus was born today, in the United States. A speculation.

If the Christmas story happened today, in the United States...

Conservatives would demonize the girl for her loose values and would not expect Joseph to stick around for someone else's kid. They would pressure Mary to consider adoptive options because an unmarried teen mother is surely unfit to raise a child.

Mary would be considered a teen mom and might be offered a slot on the MTV reality show. She would be turned down, however, once she told the story of the immaculate conception - can you say CRAZY? After this, she decides not to talk about the Father.

Jesus would be born in a hospital where no one but immediate family and close friends could visit. Because her family is shamed, she is alone.

As a single mother, Mary would live in a poverty stricken area. Mary would take a minimum wage job working as many hours as she could to make ends meet.

Due to lack of access to nutritional foods, Jesus would become an obese and sickly child. Because he is an ethnic child, he is discriminated against and bullied in school, often being labeled a "Middle Eastern Terrorist."

Jesus would not be taught a trade. Instead, he would take a night job working at the local 7-11 while attending high school during the day. His academic grades would suffer and eventually he would drop out by age 16.

The rest of the story is pretty much what one expects of a child raised in poverty who does not complete his education.

We should all stop and think before we pass judgement on those less fortunate, especially during the Christmas Season. 

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