Monday, October 4, 2010


Pepsi Refresh Project

Mercer County PA advocate Olivia Lazor has been able to secure a spot in the Pepsi Refresh Project contest for Circles of Mercer County. You may be familiar with the contest after the Conneaut Lake Park Blue Streak received a $25,000 grant based on votes by community members like yourself.

Currently, Olivia volunteers much of her time to this extremely worthy cause. The program has become so popular that they find themselves in need of expansion. This grant will help them do, just that.

It takes very little of your time to vote. Those who have Facebook accounts, can vote simply by logging in with the Facebook Account. For those who do not, it's a very simple form. Pepsi is not spamming those who sign up and vote.

In order to secure the grant, Circles of Mercer County and Community Action Partnership must place within the top 10 of ideas. There are hundreds of competitors for the funding. For this reason, they need your daily votes! You can vote every day, including weekends. The more votes, the higher up the place.

Please consider taking a minute of your time each day to vote. It's a really wonderful cause that benefits everyone in Mercer County and beyond.

Please consider using one of your Pepsi Refresh Votes to help this wonderful cause!

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