Monday, March 29, 2010

Raving Mother is Raving Mad Today

I've been scouring the web today reading all sorts of horrendous things parents of Autistic children are saying about Ari Ne'eman, self advocate, founder of ASAN, and presidential nominee to the National Council on Disabilities.

From calling him a mentally ill sociopath to calling him a fraud, I cannot believe how vicious people are. The irony of the situation kills me. These parents are desperate for their children to be as functional as Ari. Point in case, Kim Stagliano of Age of Autism is quoted as saying
He has stated categorically that autism does not need a cure and that the treatments I use, that have helped my children function, are not worthy of study. He does not represent my children's needs. Without these treatments, my girls are unlikely to achieve any of the goals of the council.

Firstly, Ari has never stated that treatments are not worth studying. Far from the truth, he has stated that more funds need to be funneled to supports and services. Supports can appear in many forms, and treatments are supports. Ari and ASAN have been vocal about supporting those on the spectrum NOW and using some of the grassroots funds for such purposes.

Secondly, does Ms. Stagliano not see the irony in wanting her child to function as well as Ari? If Ms. Stagliano succeeds in helping her daughter be cured, does that then, make her daughter less worthy to speak on behalf of other children with her diagnosis?

Most importantly, why do these parents who insist on "curing" their children of Autism think its ok to speak on my behalf? They criticize Ari for speaking on their behalf. What about mine?

I'm just sick to death of it. Really.

This "if you aren't with me, you're against me" mentality is getting old.